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Zarda Recipes In Urdu

Zarda Recipes In Urdu – Zarda Recipes In Urdu is very simple. People love this sweet dish And this dish is Asian bridal recipe. people use this sweet rice this on most imported day and wedding day  but you can try in home with Zarda Recipes In Urdu.

Zarda Recipes In Urdu

Zarda Recipes In Urdu
Zarda Recipes In Urdu

Zarda Recipes In English

Zarda is a traditional Pakistani dessert that most people make on weddings and other special occasions. The yummy sweet dish is prepared by boiling rice with orange food coloring, sugar and milk. The addition of dried nuts (such as almonds, saffron, cardamoms, pistachios and raisins), zaafran, solid milk and candied fruits makes it more flavorful and healthy. Let’s know how to make lip-smacking zarda at home.

Prep time: 15 min + 30 min (soaking time)
Cook time: 1 hour

Zarda Recipe: Required Ingredients

•    1 kg rice
•    ¼ tbsp. orange food color
•    2 pinches of zafraan
•    4 green cardamoms
•    ½ kg sugar
•    ¼ cup fresh milk
•    10-12 pistachios
•    10-12 almonds
•    1 silver paper
•    1 cup ghee or cooking oil
•    1 cup solid milk (khoya)

 Zarda Recipe: Instructions

1.    Clean the rice carefully, rinse in running water and soak for about half hour.
2.    Take two liters of water in a large pan, add orange food color (dissolved in little water or milk) in it and put on stove for boiling.
3.    Drain rice and add it into the boiling water. Cook until the rice has been half boiled.
4.    Thereafter put boiled rice in a colander in order to remove excess water, keep aside.
5.    Take one cup of cooking oil in another pan and fry cardamom.
6.    Now add boiled rice into the pan and then add half kg of sugar, mix well with the help of spoon.
7.    Add zafraan (mixed in milk) and kewra as well.
8.    Add almonds, pistachios and solid milk (khoya), steam the rice for five minutes.
9.    Once the water from zarda has been dried, remove it from heat.
10.    Transfer delicious zarda in a serving dish and serve hot after garnishing with silver paper.