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White Chicken Urdu Recipes

White Chicken Urdu Recipes – White Chicken is look wise and taste wise is very beautiful recipe. people like this dish and his taste is very yummy type. This healthy recipe can try in home with simple method White Chicken Urdu Recipes.

White Chicken Urdu Recipes

White Chicken Urdu Recipes

White Chicken English Recipes

White chicken korma is a perfect recipe for those who always like to have some different taste. With rich creamy gravy and awesome taste, White chicken korma is quite different to simple korma. You need just 40 minutes to make this exotic dish. Follow given-below instructions in this regard.

Prep time: 10 min
Cook time: 30 min

White chicken korma Recipe: Required Ingredients

•    1 kg boneless chicken
•    1 ½ tbsp. poppy seeds
•    350 g thinly chopped onion
•    50 g almonds (remove their skin after soaking in warm water for some time)
•    3 finely chopped green chilies
•    2 tbsp. thinly chopped garlic
•    1 whole green chili (fresh)
•    2 tbsp. thinly chopped ginger
•    1 clove
•    ¼ tsp mace
•    150 g yogurt
•    ½ cup ghee or cooking oil
•    Salt to taste
•    2 bay leaves
•    Cashews and cardamom (as needed)

White chicken korma Recipe: Cooking Instructions

1.    Soak poppy seeds in half-cup fresh water for one hour and then grind thoroughly to make fine paste.
2.    Put 150 g plain yogurt in a cheesecloth and hang for one hour, so all its water has been removed. Thereafter transfer this yogurt in a bowl and beat well.
3.    Take half-cup ghee or cooking oil in pan and heat it for three minutes. Then add almonds, cashews and bay leaves into the hot oil and fry for seven to eight minutes.
4.    Add onion and fry until it turns golden brown.
5.    Include poppy seed paste along with chopped green chilies and cardamom. Fry for three to four minutes.
6.    Add one cup of water and cook the gravy for about ten minutes, then remove the pan from heat.
7.    Take one tbsp. cooking oil in another pan and fry garlic, ginger, whole green chili and clove.
8.    Add chicken pieces and fry until they turn golden brown. Then add yogurt and continue cooking over low heat while stirring.
9.    Finally add the prepared gravy into the chicken.