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Vineyard Chicken Salad Urdu Recipe

A couple of years back I had Vineyard Chicken Salad for very very first time with one of my friends and it was pretty yummy and when I actually had it, I was expecting something no so good since I never ever liked fresh and healthy fruits in savory salad, but when I actually tried it, I felt so good, it was yummy and it was very tasty with perfect combination of fruits and other flavor and now I actually love it.

Vineyard Chicken Salad

Vineyard Chicken Salad
Vineyard Chicken Salad

Vineyard Chicken Salad English Recipe

I told you how I came to know about the taste of Vineyard Chicken Salad, but now I tell you how I learned to make it, I wanted to put that dish for a simply get-together during last October and the catering company did not have it and I said, what? I want this and  then I decided to make it by myself for my own family and I called each and every crazy friend I have to see if any of them know how to make it exactly cause I am a bit crazy person and I can make anything that I eat, I can get the ingredients with the flavor, not the major ingredients, but all of them, but I wanted to see if anyone acutely have the original recipe and I actually got it and it was brilliant and perfect and now I am shearing that with all of you too

List of Ingredients of Vineyard Chicken Salad

First of all you need following things to make your Dressing
4 teaspoons Apple Cider Vinegar
6 teaspoons Honey
1 teaspoon Poppy Seeds
Salt and Black Pepper according to your own taste
Now these are the things you need for the Salad.
You need a small Rotisserie Chicken and then shred it in supper bite size…
Now you need Pecans and then toast them very lightly and then chop them finally
One cup of Red Grapes…
2 Celery Stalks and then chop them well and I am taking leaves too cause I like it, you can skip them if you don’t like it…
Now what you need to do is measure and mix dressing ingredients and mix with very light hands, but supper well and then taste and adjust seasoning if needed and keep it aside, now take salad ingredients, and toast them well and then pour the dressing over top and toss and toss and toss and then put it in refrigerate for at least an hour before serving cause it feel even tastier when you use it chilled and sever with some buttery croissant or on a bed of romaine lettuce leaves.