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Urdu Pakistani Recipes

Urdu Pakistani Recipes – Pakistani Food in famous in asian country and this sweet recipe like in party occasion. Mostly Use on wedding dinner time in sweet dish but everyone can try n home with Urdu Pakistani Recipes.

Urdu Pakistani Recipes

Urdu Pakistani Recipes

English Pakistani Recipes

Sooji Ke Firni is one of the most delicious and budget-friendly recipes from Pakistan cuisine. It is extremely popular not only in the Asian countries but in the European countries as well. “Sooji ke firni” is a simple recipe that you can prepare in very little time using easily-available ingredients.

Prep time: 10 min
Cook time: 30 min
Serves: 4

Sooji Ke Firni: Required Ingredients

•    1 cup semolina
•    5 cups fresh milk
•    1 cup sugar
•    6 green cardamoms
•    10-15 almonds
•    4 silver leaves (chandi k warq)
•    Ghee or cooking oil

Sooji Ke Firni: Cooking Instructions

1.    Take cooking oil in a pan and heat it over medium flame.
2.    Add one cup semolina into the hot oil and cook till it turns light brown.
3.    Then add sugar and milk and let it cook for some time.
4.    When the firni reaches to your desired thickness, remove the pan from heat and pour firni in a serving bowl.
5.    Decorate it with silver leaves, almonds and pistachios.
6.    Serve hot or cold according to your choice.