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Tomato Chicken | Urdu Recipes

Tomato Chicken | Urdu Recipes – Tomato Chicken is a soup salty & healthy recipe. This mix Tomato Chicken | Urdu Recipes is taste is good and delicious. Everyone used in home with simple method Tomato Chicken | Urdu Recipes.

Tomato Chicken | Urdu Recipes

Tomato Chicken | Urdu Recipes

Tomato Chicken | English Recipes

Tomato chiken curry is a well-known famous South Asian recipe that everyone likes to eat. It goes well with fried rice as well as plain boiled rice. This page reveals an easy yet sucrumptious Tomato chicken recipe accompanied by complete ingredients list. Hope you will enjoy …

Tomato Chicken Recipe: Required Ingredients

•    ½ kg boneles chicken
•    ½ kg boiled potatoes (cut into squares)
•    125 g capsicum (cut into squares)
•    2 cups tomato ketchup
•    Fried onion (as needed)
•    1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste
•    1 tbsp soya sauce
•    1 tbsp chili sauce
•    ½ tsp black pepper powder
•    ½ tsp corn flour
•    1 tsp ajinomoto
•    Salt to taste
•    1 ½ tbsp sugar
•    1 ½ cup cooking oil

Tomato Chicken Recipe: Cooking Instructions

1.    First of all, wash the boneless chicken thoroughly and cut into small pieces.
2.    Make at least two or three cups yakhni of chicken bones and keep it aside.
3.    Take cooking oil in a pan and heat it.
4.    Add ginger-garlic paste into the hot oil and fry it for few minutes.
5.    Add sugar, salt black pepper powder, ajinomoto, soya sauce and chili sauce and cook the spice well.
6.    Add chicken into the spice and cook well till the chicken pieces turn golden brown.
7.    Add prepepared yakhni into the pan and let it cook till the chicken become soft and tender.
8.    Mix corn flour in little amount of water or milk and add it into the chicken curry.
9.    When the curry thickens, add fried onion and capsicum. Add boiled potatoes and tomato ketchup as well.
10.    Cook for five minutes while stirring and then remove the pan from heat.
11.    Delicious tomato chicken is ready. Serve hot with naans, pitta bread or rice.