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Thai Noodles|Urdu Recipes

Thai Noodles|Urdu Recipes – is lite and tasty dish.                                                        THAI NOODLES


  • Prawns ( 1 Pao)
  • Rice ( 1Pao)
  • Chicken pieces ( 1 Pao)
  • 2 Eggs
  • Soya Sauce 1tbls
  • Fish Sauce  2 tbls
  • Tomato catchup 2 tbls
  • Chopped Papper 1 tbls
  • Sugar 2 tbls
  • Garlic 1ts
  • Penut 1 tbls
  • Chopped hara Dhani 4 tbls


Boiled the water and then enter the rice noodles and enter the salt and cooked for 5 minutes. When the solution is going to be baked then seprate this matter and pours with cold water. Then heated the 2 tbs oil in the frying pan, then mixed the prawns, chicken and garlic then fried until they are fried. Then mixed the salt and blackpapper into the oil and then rolled the patti and cut it onto the long sides. In another pan heated the oil and fried the noodles and then enter the prawns and chicken in it. Remaining all sauces and ingredients mixed with each other and then cooked. and then put out this in to the deep plate and decorate it with harra dhania and peanut.