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Tandoori Chicken Recipe in Urdu & English

Tandoori Chicken Recipe in Urdu & English; Who said you can’t influence eatery to style roasted chicken at home ?? Who stated, you require instant brand roasted masala to get the bona fide season ?? They are incorrect !! Attempt this formula and find without anyone else .Tandoori Chicken Recipe in Urdu & English

Fixings :

5 bits of chicken leg ( Thigh and drumstick together)

1/2 ( half) measure of yogurt

2 teaspoon finely ground ginger ( nearly look like glue)

1 piled teaspoon finely ground garlic

1 tea spoon stew powder

1 piled tea spoon paprika( it brings out shading)

1 tea spoon cinnamon powder

1/2 tea spoon nutmeg( jaifol) powder

1 tea spoon broiled and finely crushed cumin ( jeera) powder

Salt to taste

Squeeze of red and orange nourishment shading

1/4 th container oil+ 1 tbl spoon ghee

1 tea spoon keora water

1 and half tea spoon unique masala

For the unique masala :

1. Marinate the chicken pieces with every one of the fixings. Smoke the chicken . To give the smoke , take a consuming coal in a little metal or thwart bowl . Place it over the chicken and include the ghee over the coal . Cover the bowl of the chicken with a top so the smoke is fixed inside . Keep it like this for 10 minutes . Presently take out the coal , cover the bowl with plastic or stick film and keep it in the cooler for no less than 12 hours . The more , the better .

2. Pre warm the broiler to 400 FH and prepare the chicken for 20 – 25 minutes and after that cook it another 15-20 minutes a similar temperature or until the point when the surface is little singed . You can include some onion rings over the chicken only 10 minutes before you kill the stove .