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Shami Kabab Recipe in Urdu And English For Eid Ul Adha

Shami Kabab Recipe
Shami kabab Shami Kabab Recipe in Urdu And English


Minced meat___ half kg
Patata___ 250 grams
Nails, cinnamon___ as needed
Granadas de granada___ 25 grams
Mint___ 1 package
Green chili___ 2 or 3 us
Onion___ 2 packages
Eggs___ 2 us
Ghee___ as needed
Black pepper___ small amount
Pulse of Gram___ 125 grams
Cilantro verde___ 1 pack
Mango not mature___ 1 no
Ground red pepper___ To taste
Gralic___ 9 us
Ginger___ 1 small package
Salt___ as required


Wash the minced meat and pulse and boil with salt, red pepper and garlic and grind.
Boil the potatoes and
Mash in slab.
Prepare the spicy grainy sauce of pomegranate, green cilantro, green chile, salt,
red pepper, green mango without water.
Add the crushed seasoning, the crushed ginger, the salt and the remaining red pepper
Chop the minced meat and mix well to dissolve all the ingredients well.
Prepare small pieces of mashed potatoes and place
Potato chunks in evry minced meat goat.
Bat the eggs in a cup and beat well.
Dip pieces of minced meat in egg and cold
in a pan
Draw when it is red.
Very delicious shami kababs are prepared.
They are very delicious with
lettuce, reddish or tomato slices.