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Shami Kabab in Urdu

Shami Kabab in Urdu – Shami Kabab is a soft thick spicy recipe. Shami Kabab in Urdu is extra item with of other recipe and his taste is delicious. Mostly people like this dish Shami Kabab in Urdu in winter season, You can try in home with simple methods of Shami Kabab in Urdu.

Shami Kabab in UrduShami Kabab in Urdu

Zaafrani Shami Kabab English Recipe

Zaafrani shami kebabs are one of the traditional South Asian snacks. The healthy shami kababs are extremely popular across the globe thanks to their utterly flavorsome taste. Spicy and scrumptious zaafrani kababs are not only excellent side dish to any meal but they can also be served as tea time starter.
Here is an easy yet delicious zaafrani shami kabab recipe along with complete ingredients list. Try it to get inspirations from your family and guests. Hope you will like it; do share your review by posting a comment below…

Prep time: 10 min
Cook time: 1 hr.
Serves: 6

Zaafrani Shami Kabab Recipe: Required ingredients

1 kg minced meat
250 g ghee or cooking oil
2 eggs
3 onions (chopped)
1 small piece of ginger
125 g yogurt
125 ml white vinegar
16 black peppers
1 tsp red chili powder
Salt to taste
A pinch of zaafran
Water (as needed)

Zaafrani Shami Kabab Recipe: Cooking instructions

Take ghee or oil in a frying pan and heat it over medium flame.
Fry chopped onion till it turns golden brown and then transfer it over a newspaper.
Grind ginger and black peppers along with white vinegar. Add salt in the prepared cocktail.
Add minced meat, all spices and little amount of water in a sauce pan and place it on stove for cooking.
Let it cook for about 20 minutes and then remove from heat.
Grind minced meat and all spices thoroughly.
Now add fried onion, zaafran and yogurt into the mixture and make cutlets.
Break an egg in a bowl and beat it well with the help of a fork or egg beater.
Dip the prepared cutlets in the beaten egg and then fry them in hot oil till they turn golden brown from all sides.
Zaafrani shami kababs are ready now. Transfer them in a serving dish, garnish with salad and serve hot.