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Recipes Urdu Chicken Pulao

Recipes Urdu Chicken Pulao – Chicken Pulao dish mostly use on wedding occasion with other weekend party. many people like this Recipe anytime & you can try in home with simple method of Recipes Urdu Chicken Pulao.

Recipes Urdu Chicken Pulao

Recipes Urdu Chicken PulaoRecipes English Chicken Pulao

Chicken pulao is a versatile and most common rice recipe that offers you abundant nourishment in addition to flavorsome taste. This easy-to-make recipe is usually prepared as a main dish for lunch or dinner and goes well with yogurt raita and salad. Let’s learn how to make delicious chicken pulao at home…

Cook time: 1 ½ hours
Serves: 8

Chicken Pulao Recipe: Required Ingredients

•    1 kg basmati rice
•    1 kg chicken meat
•    1 cup yogurt
•    2 medium onions (thinly chopped)
•    1 tbsp. ginger-garlic paste
•    1-inch piece of cinnamon
•    3 black cardamoms
•    5 green cardamoms
•    1 tsp cumin seeds
•    1 tsp whole black pepper
•    Curry leave
•    Salt to taste
•    1 ½ ghee or cooking oil

Chicken pulao Recipe: Cooking Instructions

1.    Clean the rice carefully, rinse well under running water and submerge in fresh water for some time.
2.    Boil the chicken pieces and then separate bones.
3.    Take cooking oil in a pan and heat it over medium heat.
4.    Add chopped onion and fry until it turns golden brown. Thereafter add ginger-garlic paste and cook for few minutes.
5.    After that, add yogurt and cook once again.
6.    When the oil separates from spice, include boiled chicken pieces and salt.
7.    Pack cumin seeds, cinnamon, curry leave, black and small cardamom and whole black pepper in a clean cheesecloth and put it into the pan.
8.    Add sufficient amount of water and let it comes to boil.
9.    Once it has been done, take out the cheesecloth packing from pan and include rice.
10.    When the water comes close to be dried, cover the pan with its lid and steam the rice for ten minutes over low flame.
11.    Delicious chicken pulao is ready. Serve hot with yogurt raita.