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Ramadan Iftar Recipes in Urdu

Ramadan Iftar Recipes in Urdu | Ramadan iftar indian cooking recipes in urdu and ramadan iftar spicy cooking recipes easy tips. Ramadan iftar items cooking recipes in urdu and ramadan iftar easy cooking recipes videos |Ramadan Iftar Recipes in Urdu.

Ramadan Iftar Recipes in Urdu

Ramadan Iftar Recipes in Urdu-

Dum Biryani Recipe In English

Dum biryani, originated from India is an excellent rice recipe that is packed with delicious taste and pleasant aroma. It is prepared with Basmati rice, meat (you can use chicken, beef or mutton as per your choice) and different seasonings.

Dum biryani not only provides a flavorful taste but also nourishes your body in healthy ways. So you can make it as main dish on your lunch or dinner. This page reveals an easy yet tasty dum biryani recipe. I hope you will enjoy it…

Dum Biryani Recipe: Required ingredients

2 kg beef (cut into small pieces)
1 1/2 kg Basmati rice
2 kg yogurt
1/2 kg onion (minced)
20 g cloves
20 g black cardamom
20 g cumin seeds
50 g ginger (minced)
1/2 bunch of mentha (pudina)
6 green chilies
425 g ghee or cooking oil
Salt to taste
1 tsp black pepper

Dum Biryani Recipe: Cooking instructions

Prepare a mixture by combining minced onion, minced ginger and salt. Marinate beef pieces in the prepared mixture and keep them in refrigerator for about two hours.
Grind cumin seeds, black pepper, pudina, green chilies and black cardamom and add into the yogurt, mix well.
Add yogurt mixture onto the marinated beef pieces and mix properly.
Take half amount of cooking oil in a pan and heat it, then fry cloves for one minute.
Add marinated beef pieces into the hot oil and cook well.
Remove the excess water from rice, mix the remaining yogurt in rice and spread it in the pan over fried beef.
Cover the pan tightly and let it cook over medium flame for 15 minutes.
After that, steam ‘dum biryani’ over hot coals for 5-7 minutes.
Remove the lid of pan and add the remaining half oil and cover it again.
Put some hot coals over the lid of pan.
When steam comes out, remove hot coals and open the lid.
Delicious dum biryani is ready now. Serve hot with yogurt raita and salad.