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Pakistani Chicken Biryani | Urdu Recipes – everyone pakistani like this Pakistani Chicken Biryani recipes.

Murg Biryani


  • Chicken 1 kg
  • Rice 700 grams
  • Onion Fried
  • Salt ( for Taste)
  • Chilli 1 tbls
  • Oil 1 cup
  • Green corrinder
  • Mint. 1 Guthi
  • Jaifal jawatri
  • Tomatoes 1 pao
  • yougurt 5 to 6 tbls
  • kaju (15 to 20 Piece)
  • Milk 4 tbls
  • Complete Garm Masala
  • Zarda color
  • Zafran ( for taste)


First heat up the oil and enter the masala and onion in it and cooked untill it became brown. When it get brown then ginger, garlic are also entered in it and tomatoes, green mirch, harra dhania and mint and salt are also added in it and also enter jaifal jawatri also in it.

Whenit get fried then seprate this whole matter. Now poured the rice and the milk is added and then fried onion is also applying on it and then enter kaju and aother ingredient and them take this onto Dumm. After switched off the burner then spread the green corrinder and serve with raita and salad.

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