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Mutton Tikka Recipe in Urdu

Mutton Tikka Recipe in Urdu  is very great healthful and very strong recipe. People are love this spicy recipe  taste and Mutton Tikka  look wise is very beautiful. you can try in home with simple method Mutton Tikka Recipe in Urdu…

Mutton Tikka Recipe

Mutton Tikka Recipe

Mutton Tikka English Recipe

Mutton Tikka Recipe in Urdu is one of the most famous appetizers across the globe. It is equally popular among kids, adolescents as well as aged people thanks to its scrumptious taste. Mutton tikka is prepared with lamb meat marinated in raw papaya, ginger-garlic paste, cumin seeds, poppy seeds, lemon and other such spices. Scroll down to learn complete mutton tikka recipe…
Prep time: 10 min + 2 hrs.
Cook time: 30 min
Serves: 4

Mutton Tikka Recipe: Required Ingredients

• ½ kg lamb meat (cut into small pieces)
• ½ cup yogurt
• 1 tbsp. coriander seeds
• 1 tsp black pepper powder
• 1 tbsp. red chili powder
• Raw papaya (grind it without removing the seeds)
• 1 tbsp. ginger-garlic paste
• 1 tspground cumin seeds
• 1 tsp ground poppy seeds
• 2 lemons
• Cooking oil (as needed)

Mutton Tikka Recipe: Cooking Instructions

1. Wash meat chops well in fresh water and let them dry completely.
2. Add all spices into the meat chops and mix well and then keep in refrigerator for about two hours.
3. After the recommended time period, put the marinated meat chops in a non-stick sauce pan and cook over low flame while stirring.
4. Cover the sauce pan with its lid and let the meat chops cook for 20-15 minutes.
5. Take a hot coal and put it in the center of sauce pan over a piece of onion. Add few drops of cooking oil onto the meat pieces and cover the sauce pan.
6. After few minutes, remove the pan from heat and take out coal.
7. Delicious mutton tikka is ready, transfer it in a serving plate, garnish with salad and serve hot.