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Iftar | Hot Spicy Chicken Wings Urdu Recipe

Iftar | Hot Spicy Chicken Wings Urdu Recipe –  Hot Spicy Chicken Wings is a  great healthy spicy recipe. people like it in iftar party and every one like this crunch recipe. you can try wid simple method of Iftar | Hot Spicy Chicken Wings Urdu Recipe.

Iftar | Hot Spicy Chicken Wings Urdu Recipe

iftar-hot-spicy-chicken-wings-urdu-recipeIftar | Hot Spicy Chicken Wings English Recipe

Hot spicy chicken wings is a crunchy recipe, prepared by coating the chicken wing section (drumette or wingette) in hot sauce and then deep frying it in oil. Several websites and food books are loaded with various chicken wing recipes, featuring different ingredients (for hot sauce) and cooking procedures. Given-below chicken wings recipe comprises easily available ingredients and needs very less to be prepared. Must try at your next party…

Hot Spicy Chicken Wings: Required Ingredients

•    8 chicken wings
•    Freshly squeezed juice of 2 lemons
•    1 tbsp. garlic paste
•    3 tbsp. tomato ketchup
•    2 cups cooking oil
•    1 capsicum
•    1 medium-sized onion
•    2 green chilies
•    1 bunch of fresh coriander leaves (thinly chopped)
•    1 tomato
•    3 tbsp. chili garlic sauce
•    Salt to taste
For chili paste
•    4 red chilies (thinly chopped)
•    10 red chilies (ground)

Hot Spicy Chicken Wings: Cooking Instructions

1.    Add one cup water in a sauce pan and put it on stove for boiling.
2.    Once water comes to boil, add chopped and ground red chilies and cook for few minutes. Thereafter remove the pan from heat and let chili-mixture cool down.
3.    Blend chili mixture thoroughly in order to prepare fine chili paste.
4.    Take cooking oil in a pan and heat it, add garlic paste and fry for one minute.
5.    After that, add chicken wings and cook until they turn golden brown.
6.    Add lemon juice, salt, ketchup and water in another pan and cook for few minutes.
7.    Mix lemon juice, ketchup and chili garlic sauce.
8.    Hot, spicy chicken wings are ready now. Serve hot.