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How to Make Gol Gappay Recipe Pani Puri English & Urdu

How to Make Gol Gappay RecipeHow to Make Gol Gappay Recipe Pani Puri English & Urdu How to Make Gol Gappay Recipe Pani Puri English & Urdu


For Gol Gappa:
• Semolina 1 cup
• All-purpose flour ½ cup
• White lentils ground 2 tbsp.
• Club soda to knead dough.
• Oil for frying
To fill:
• Papa 1 cup bOiled
• Bondi (balls of small gram flour dough) 2 cups
For the sour water:
• Mint leaves ½ bunch
• Green chiles 3
• Water 1 liter.
• Tamarind pulp ½ cup
• 1 teaspoon coriander toasted powder
• Comino grilled in powder 1 tbsp
• Chilies in powder ½ teaspoon
• Salt ½ teaspoon
• Ginger 2 tablespoons chopped
• lemon juice 3 tbsp

How to make Gol Gappa


1. For acidic water: In a blender, mix ginger, mint leaves, green chilies and mix until a fine paste is obtained.
2. Mix in water with tamarind pulp, lemon juice, toasted cumin, cilantro toasted powder, chili powder and salt, and mix well.
3. The water should be spicy and spicy. Filter the water and keep it in the refrigerator to add ice and add ice and use it.
4. For Gol Gappa: In a bowl mix the semolina, the flour, the white lentil, knead with club soda from the hard dough.
5. Keep apart for 30 minutes, and then knead one more time.
6. Make balls the size of marbles with little oil on the hands, roll to puri with a rolling pin, secure between two layers of wet cloth, unroll all and set aside for 10 minutes.
7. Fry over medium heat until they swell, reduce heat and fry until crisp.
8. To assemble: hit the Gap gappa with the tip of your thumb, add 1 teaspoon of filling and cover it with sour water, if you like a little sweet, add a bit of sweet tamarind or plum chutney before adding the water .

Gol gappay is appreciated by everyone, especially is the favorite of women. Served with bitter spicy water, your desire would not end but you will ask for more. It is so famous that you would find Gol Gappay vendors on every second or third street in Pakistan and India.

Gol Gappay – The famous Asian appetizer:
In addition to trying the gappay goal recipe at home, here is an important reading about ‘golgappa’ as an Asian appetizer.
Gol Gappa or Panipuri or Pani Ke bataashe is a delicious street snack popular in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.
His name in English is “Crisp Sphere Eaten”. It is a round hollow sphere filled with acidic water with flavor (usually tamarind / chutney water) and various other ingredients such as onions, chickpeas, potatoes and chili, etc. It is made with a size that can be easily adjusted in the mouth of the consumer, however, in some suppliers make it smaller or larger to make it more interesting for people to eat it.

Golgappa in Pakistan and India:
The regular gappa goal inserts a whole piece in the mouth, while the large gappay goal is eaten with a spoon. The streets of several Asian cities are famous for presenting the spicy Gol Gappay sandwiches. If you visit the streets of Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Dhaka, Chittagong, Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai and Chandigarh, you will find many stalls that sell Panipuri or Gol Gappa mainly at night.

Different names of Gol Gappay:
We follow with enthusiasm the recipe of goal gappay, however, it is interesting to know the different names that are used to call this sandwich. Gol Gappa refers to the crispy sphere meaning Gol in Urdu that is put in the mouth and eaten, which means Gappa in Urdu. The term ‘Pani’ refers to water in English and ‘Puri’ refers to bread that is fried in oil. In Pakistan, Kashmir and northern India, it is known as ‘Gol Gappa’, while it is known as ‘Batasha’ in Uttar Pradesh in India. In Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Bangladesh, it is known as Phuchka. In Odisha, Hyderabad Deccan and South Jharkhand, it is called Gup Chup.