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How to Make Chicken Shashlik Recipes In urdu & English

How to Make Chicken Shashlik Recipes In urdu & English; formula is one of those Chinese formulas which got warm acknowledgment in Pakistani sustenance culture. Chicken shaslicks is served in numerous Pakistani eateries and foodies visit them just to appreciate the one of a kind tastes of Chinese cooking formulas.How to Make Chicken ShashlikHow to Make Chicken Shashlik

How to Make Chicken Shashlik

Making shashlik is a good times. Utilizing remarkable fixings, for example, chicken stock, tomato ketchup, bean stew sauce, white vinegar for making its sauce is something truly getting a charge out of. Then again, planning chicken for shashlik is additionally another piece of the shashlik fun.

KFoods.com has made it simple to cook a chicken shashlik at home. See the means offered in Urdu and make your most loved chicken shaslick with sauce yourself.

1 Kg. boneless chicken

2 tsp Salt

1 tsp stew (Lal Mirch) powder

2 Green Bell peppers

3 Medium Onions

6 Small green chilies

½ Kg canned entire/diced tomatoes

½ Cup Ketchup

3 tbs. Soy Sauce

3 tbs. Oil

Cut the chicken into 3D squares and

broil it in oil on low-medium warmth

until the point that the chicken is white. (15 minutes)

Dice the tomatoes in case you’re utilizing entire ones. Add this to the chicken. Deseed the chime peppers and cut them into 1 inch pieces. Cut the onions into pieces and include these in also.

Toss in whatever is left of the fixings and cook this on low-medium warmth for about 30 minutes or until the point that the ringer peppers are somewhat delicate.

Present with bubbled rice.

Serving: 3 to 4 people