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Fruit Trifle Recipes In Urdu And English

Fruit Trifle RecipesFruit Trifle Recipes In Urdu


Milk ½ liter

Vanilla custard powder 2 tablespoons

Sugar ½ cup

Condensed milk ½ cup

Bananas 4

1 cup cream

Pineapple (slices) 1 cup

Strawberry 1 cup

Green jelly pack 1

Red Jelly Package 1

Orange jelly pack 1

Vanilla essence ½ teaspoon


Fruit Trifle Recipes In Urdu
In the milk, add the soy sauce and cook over a low heat. When you have finished the noodles, add sugar.

Then add the cream powder in ½ cup of water and cool it.

Freeze the gelatin separately.

In a different container, add cream, condensed milk and vanilla essence and whisk.

Add large pieces of pineapple, bananas and strawberries in a bowl.

Now in this bowl add the cream and the cream mixture and mix with the fruits.

Add the gelatin pieces and cool.