Fruit Chaat Urdu Recipe

Fruit Chaat Urdu Recipe. Fruit chaat pakistani recipes in urdu. Cream fruit chaat recipe in urdu and cream fruit chaat urdu recipes | Fruit Chaat Urdu Recipe. 

Fruit Chaat Urdu Recipe

Fruit Chaat Urdu Recipe

Fruit Chaat English Recipe

Yummy and tangy fruit chat is a very healthy fruit salad, prepared by apples, grapes, pomegranate and other seasonal fruits. It can be served in iftar or as a dessert like ice cream or cake with all meal courses. Here is a simple yet delicious fruit chaat recipe, must try…

Fruit Chaat Recipe: Required Ingredients

•    1 pomegranate
•    5 bananas
•    4 apples
•    1 cup tamarind water
•    1 cup sugar
•    125 g grapes
•    Chaat masala (as needed)

Fruit Chaat Recipe: Instruction

1.    Cut all fruits into small pieces.
2.    Take out the pomegranate seeds.
3.    Add all fruits, pomegranate seeds, sugar and tamarind water in a large bowl. (You can replace tamarind water by orange juice if it is available).
4.    Keep mixed fruits in refrigerator for about ten minutes, so the tamarind water or orange juice get fully absorbed into the fruits.
5.    Adds chaat masala and serve.

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