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Food Recipes In Urdu – Aloo Chaat Recipe

Food Recipes In Urdu – Aloo Chaat Recipe is very crunchy taste able dish. This recipe is most popular in Asian country and people like this dish in evening time. you can try this natural food dish recipe in Food Recipes In Urdu.

 Food Recipes In Urdu  – Aloo Chaat Recipe

Food Recipes In Urdu - Aloo Chaat Recipe

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Potato chaat is a traditional Pakistani recipe that is very popular across the globe thanks to its delicious taste and mild flavor. Prepared by boiled potatoes, chickpeas, grapes, bananas, yogurt and various salad items, potato chaat delivers a number of nutritional benefits in addition to mouth-watering taste. Here we have provided an easy yet scrumptious potato chaat recipe, try it and enjoy…

Potato Chaat Recipe: Required Ingredients

•    3 kg potatoes
•    1/2 kg grapes
•    1 dozen bananas
•    750 yogurt
•    1/2 kg radish
•    250 g tomatoes
•    Fresh coriander leaves
•    1/2 kg pomegranate
•    1/2 kg chickpeas
•    250 g amchoor powder
•    125 g coriander seeds
•    Black pepper powder (as needed)

Potato Chaat Recipe: Cooking Instructions

1.    Mix salt, amchoor, coriander seeds, black pepper powder and grind all ingredients thoroughly till they all turn into powder form. Transfer this powder in a plate and keep aside.
2.    Boil chickpeas and potatoes, remove the skin of potatoes and cut into small pieces.
3.    Cut tomatoes into squares.
4.    Remove the skin of pomegranate and take out all seeds.
5.    Remove the skin of radish and chop it.
6.    Wash the grapes thoroughly and separate them all.
7.    Now mix all ingredients in a large dish along with yogurt and little water.
8.    Delicious potato fruit chaat is ready now. Sprinkle prepared spice powder, garnish with fresh coriander leaves and serve.