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Fish Korma Recipe in Urdu

Fish Korma Recipe in Urdu


1) 1 kg Fish mudium size                                                    2) 1 cup chopped onion
3) 3/4 cup cooking oil                                                         4) Garlic paste 4 tsp
5) Ginger paste 4 tsp                                                           6) 1/2 cup yogurt
7) Lemon juiceon/ vineger 30 ml                                     8) Green cardamon powder
9) Red chilli powder 2 tsp                                                10) Salt to taste
11) 2 cloves                                                                           12) 1 tea spoon coriender powder
13) Gread mix spices                                                          14) zafran a little
15) haldi powder                                                                  16) Almond


Wash fish and put lemon juice, black paper, halide and salt lave it for some time. Heat oil in a pan and fry fish till brown. Mix almond ginger garlic adds some water and blends them. Put this mixture in one pan and let it heat unless it get golden brown. After that add rest of spices and cooked it for five minutes. Add some hot water and make gravy. Add yogurt, golden brown onion and fish and cover it leave for five minutes add green coriander now fish korma is ready to serve.