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Dry Fruit Cake Recipe in Urdu

Dry Fruit Cake Recipe in Urdu. How to make fruit cake in urdu and simple fruit cake recipe in urdu. Dry fruit cake pakistani urdu cooking recipes and foods cooking videos | Dry Fruit Cake Recipe in Urdu.

Dry Fruit Cake Recipe in Urdu

Dry Fruit Cake Recipe in UrduDry Fruit Cake Recipe in English

Dry fruit cake is a royal version of cakes that includes all-purpose flour, brown sugar, raisins, orange andSpecial Dry Fruit Cake Recipe is perfect for those who don’t wish to consume excessive fats in the form of fresh cream.

Special Dry Fruit Cake Recipe: Required Ingredients

•    1 cup all-purpose flour
•    4 eggs
•    1 ½ cup brown sugar
•    2 cups black raisins
•    1 cup raisins
•    ½ cup cherries
•    ½ cup almonds
•    Skin of one orange
•    Skin of one lemon
•    2 tbsp. lemon juice
•    ½ tsp cinnamon powder
•    ¼ tsp clove powder

Special Dry Fruit Cake Recipe: Cooking Instructions

1.    Mix cinnamon powder and clove powder in all-purpose flour, and stir all ingredients.
2.    Wash and clean the skins of orange and lemon, cut them into very thin slices and then boil for three minutes. Thereafter take the boiled skins out of water and let them dry completely.
3.    Add both types of raisins, almonds and boiled skins into the sugar-water.
4.    Slightly beat the eggs and keep aside.
5.    Mix sugar and ghee and beat well. Add the egg into the mixture of ghee and sugar gradually while beating.
6.    Once the eggs have been mixed, start to combine the all-purpose flour into the mixture using same procedure.
7.    Finally add the dry fruits mixed in sugar-water.
8.    Preheat the oven at 150 centigrade for 20 minutes, then put the cake pan in it and set the temperature at 100 centigrade.
9.    After baking the cake for 40-50 minutes, check it with the help of a toothpick.
10.    If the cake is ready, take it out, otherwise bake for few more minutes.
11.    Let the cake cool down and then transfer it in a serving plate. Garnish with almonds and cashews and serve.