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Degi Aloo Gosht Eid Ul Adha Recipe in Urdu

Degi Aloo Gosht Eid Ul Adha Recipe in Urdu; Attempt a luscious degi aloo gosht formula in Urdu with well ordered pictures and simple directions. We show this formula in both Urdu and English with clear pictures for each progression included. Degi Aloo Gosht Eid Ul Adha Recipe in Urdu

Degi Aloo Gosht Eid Ul Adha Recipe

Degi Alu Gosht is exceptionally delectable and extremely solid sustenance thing of all, its conventional formula of Pakistan and rest of the other closest nations. Degi gosht alu is set up by utilizing basic and zesty fixings that are anything but difficult to accessible in the market, cooking technique is likewise exceptionally basic that each one make it at home for family and companions. Here at KFoods, you can likewise get a significant number of your most loved formulas in a well ordered manner since its exceptionally advantageous to comprehend that how to make effortlessly with no assistance.


Meat: 1 kg

Potatoes: 1/2 kg (cut into 4 pcs each)

Ground Ginger Garlic: 2 tablespoons

Salt: according to taste

Onions: 3 medium (thin hacked)

Yogurt: 1 container

Ground Red Chili: 1 tablespoon

White Cumin: 1 teaspoon

Turmeric: 1 teaspoon

Entire All Spice Powder: 1 tablespoon

Tomatoes: 3 medium (hacked)

Green Chilies: 3 to 4 (thin hacked)

Green Coriander: 1/2 pack (thin slashed)

Cooking Oil: 1/2 glass


Marinate Meat With Gigner, Ground Garlic, Salt, Onions, Red Chili, Coriander, Cumin, Turmeric, All Spice Powder, Yogurt And Tomatoes And Keep Aside For Half Hour.

Add half glass oil to marinated meat.

Put in container and cook for half hour on medium warmth.

Include potatoes and pour two glass water. Blend well and cook until the point when potatoes are delicate. Sprinkle green bean stew and coriander.

For influencing baghar, to warm 2 tablespoon oil in a griddle. At the point when oil is warmed, include dark cumin and broil for 2 to 3 minutes. Pour this baghar on the meat. Cook meat for 5 to 7 minutes on low warmth (dam).