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Coffee Recipe in Urdu

Coffee Recipe in Urdu – Coffee Recipe is very thick able and very yummy dish for spring season. this dishh is use in own season and very good taste and healthy recipe, mostly use in breakfast. you can try in home with simple method Coffee Recipe in Urdu.

Coffee Recipe in Urdu

Coffee Recipe in Urdu
Coffee Recipe in Urdu

Coffee Recipe in English

Gone are the days when most of the people are unfamiliar with the amazing taste of coffee. Now coffee is very common beverage among kids, adolescents and mature people as well. Folks love to take this delicious drink in hot and cold form. In this recipe, I am going to tell you how to make cold coffee at home using different valuable ingredients.
There are several methods to make cold coffee with each method featuring specific ingredients and procedure. In the initial times, cold coffee beverage was simply prepared with coffee syrup and cold water but nowadays a number of ingredients are used to enhance the flavor of cold or iced coffee. Scroll down to learn an easy Coffee Toffee Shake Recipe along with complete ingredients list.

Coffee Toffee Shake Recipe: Required Ingredients

•    1 glass fresh milk
•    1 Caramel chocolate (crush it)
•    2 tbsp. sugar
•    ½ cup cream
•    1 tsp coffee
•    1 cup ice cubes
•    2 drops of vanilla essence
•    2 tbsp. chocolate syrup

Coffee Toffee Shake Recipe: Preparation

To make coffee toffee shake, firstly and milk, chocolate, sugar, cream, coffee, vanilla essence in a blender and turn it “on” for few minutes to mix all ingredients. Thereafter, pour this shake in a glass and add whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Serve with spoon and straw.