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Chicken Tehari Pulao Recipe In Urdu And English

Chicken Tehari Pulao Recipe In Urdu And English;  There have been some extremely pleasant rice formulas on the board of sooperchef.pk, and now it is going up against Awadhi cooking, rice sweethearts, make proper acquaintance with the scrumptious and fragrant Chicken tehari pulao formula ! This scented and satisfying plateful of yellow hued rice is one of the most delectable formulas in the whole Indian subcontinent. Various other rice based and pulao formulas can be found on the menu of sooperchef that you have to investigate, probably the most noteworthy says on the menu at this moment incorporate the hot and fiery Bombay biryani formula, the smooth and delightful and fragrant Kabuli pulao formula, the flavorsome and healthy sheep pulao formula and the delicious Kashmiri pulao formula.Chicken Tehari Pulao Recipe In Urdu And English

Chicken Tehari Pulao Recipe

Chicken pulao is eaten everywhere throughout the world and is additionally a standout amongst the most savored rice based formulas in Pakistan. The chicken tehari pulao formula is a yellow shaded rice dish from the kitchens of Awadhi source and it is known as the veggie lover rendition of the customary pulao. The planning strategy incorporates plain cooked rice which are included with flavors and vegetables for season and the particular yellow shading it has. Be that as it may, in many parts of Pakistan, it is made with red meat which gives is some better than average flavor as well. This Awadhi food is broadly eaten in numerous parts of north India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is said that amid the Muslim run over the Indian subcontinent, Muslim rulers built up this formula for the Hindu clerks. Chicken Tehari Pulao Recipe In Urdu And English


1 Chicken, cut in 6/8 pieces

Onion Paste half container

Ginger glue 1 and half table spoon

Garlic glue 1 and half tea spoon

Red stew powder half teaspoon

Coriander powder half teaspoon

Cardamom , Cinnamon, Bayleaves , dark cardamom

1/fourth container oil + 1 tbl spoon of mustard oil

Salt to taste

9/10 Baby potatoes

Exceptional Masala

For the masala crush half teaspoon cumin , 1/4 th teaspoon entire coriander , half teaspoon fennel , 3 cardamoms , 5/6 cloves , 9/10 white or dark pepper , little mace ( javetri ) and nutmeg ( jaifol) together into a fine powder.

For Rice :

Sweet-smelling rice like kalojeera/Basmati 750 gram or 3 containers

Ginger glue 1 tbl spoon

Cleaved Onion 1/third container

Ghee 100 ml + vegetable oil 100 ml

Salt to taste

2/3 green Cardamoms, 2 little dark cardamom, little stick of Cinnamon and 1 Bay leaf

Modest bunch of green chilies, least 20 green chilies, however don’t part it.

Cooking Method:

1. Marinate the Chicken with every one of the fixings specified previously. Cook well including water little by little for no less than 30/35 minutes.That is the thing that we call ” Koshano” in Bangla. At that point include water and potatoes and cook until the point when the water is relatively dried out. Try not to include excessively water as your chicken will be as of now relatively cooked while “koshano” . Sufficiently add water to complete the potatoes half and the chicken to be very much cooked.

2. In another pot warm ghee+ vegetable oil. Include the cardamoms, cinnamon and sound leaf. Broil for some time and after that include the cleaved onion .Fry them until the point when they r light darker. include the rice, salt and ginger glue.. Sear a bit. Include the chicken with staying little sauce. Blend well. Include high temp water. For some rice, include 1 and some water. So Since here we took some rice, we have to include 4 and some water.Cover the cover and cook on medium fire.

3. At the point when the water is nearly drying out include modest bunch of green chilies, no less than 20.

4. Decrease the warmth and blend with light hand without breaking the rice. Keep it on low fire, which is known as dom. What I do, I generally utilize twofold heater strategy. For that place your Tehari pot over another pot, loaded with water. Keep it on medium fire. The steam will make the tehari just perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!