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Chicken Soup Recipe in Urdu

Chicken soup Recipe in Urdu


• Boil chicken 1/2 cup                • Chicken stock 2 cup
• Vinigar 1 cup                             • Soya sauce 1 tab sp
• 2 egg                                            • Corn flour
• Salt to taste                                • Black peper 1/2 tea sp
• Ginger pieces 3                         • Oil 3 tab sp


Warm up one tab sp oil in pain and put mixed eggs just like amlate let it gold brown. Take it on cutting plate and crushed it. Warm up oil of three tab spin another pain and mix ginger past in it. Beak it for 3 minutes with chicken. Now add Vinigar and salt and rest of chicken and water. Boil it on medium fire add balk paper in it for 15 minutes. Now the delish Chicken Soup is ready to serve.