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Chicken Kabab Recipe in Urdu

Chicken Kabab Recipe: Spicy Chicken Kabab Recipe in Urdu and chicken seekh kabab cooking recipes in urdu. Enjoy the delicious taste of pakistani & Indian chicken kabab recipes in urdu and chicken reshmi kaba cooking recipes in urdu. Chicken Kabab Recipe in Urdu

Chicken Kabab Recipe in Urdu

Chicken Kabab Recipe in Urdu

Chicken Kabab Recipe in English

Chapli kababs is one of the most popular South-Asian kabab recipes, prepared by minced mutton or beef meat and different spices. With utterly flavorsome taste and nice aroma, the chapli kababs are perfect side dish to add spicy addition to your dinner menu.   Scroll down to learn an easy yet scrumptious chapli kabab recipe.

Chapli Kabab Recipe: Required Ingredients

•    1 kg minced meat
•    1 tbsp. red chili powder
•    1 tsp whole spice powder
•    1 tbsp. minced pomegranate seeds
•    1 tbsp. ginger paste
•    1 tsp coriander seeds
•    1 tsp cumin seeds
•    Thinly chopped fresh coriander leaves and pudina (as needed)
•    2 spring onions (thinly chopped)
•    1 tomato (cut into slices
•    3 eggs

Chapli Kabab Recipe: Cooking Instructions

1.    Rinse the minced meat thoroughly in fresh water and let it dry completely.
2.    Now put the minced meat in a saucepan along with little water, place the pan on stove and cook the minced meat for about 10-20 minutes. Thereafter transfer it in a large plate.
3.    Add salt, red chili powder, thinly chopped fresh coriander leaves, pudina and all other spices into the minced meat and mix all ingredients well.
4.    Put this mixture in a food processor and grind.
5.     Break two eggs in a bowl and beat well. After that, take two tbsp. cooking oil in a pan and cook the beaten eggs until they look like minced meat. Then, remove the pan from heat and transfer the eggs into the minced-meat mixture. Leave it for about half hour, so all spices get fully absorbed into the minced meat.
6.    Now make kababs of the prepared mixture and fry until they turn golden brown.
7.    Delicious chapli kababs are ready now; serve hot with yogurt chatni and naans.