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Cake Recipes In Urdu

Cake Recipes In Urdu – Cake Recipe is very impressive dish for guest and his taste is very good. Cake Recipes In Urdu makes with cherry and chocolate Cake Recipes In Urdu cream filling and very good look. You can try in home with simple method Cake Recipes in Urdu.

Cake Recipes In Urdu

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You would must have tried several cake recipes to impress your guests with the delicious taste of your hands but have you made a Black Forest cake any time? Originated from Germany, rich, luscious and appetizing Black Forest cake is prepared with all-purpose flour, eggs, cocoa powder, butter and sugar. In addition, you can cover it with whipped cream, chocolate and kirschwasser for more delicious taste and impressing look. So the ladies; must try this awesome Black Forest cake recipe to accumulate the inspirations from your family and guests…

Black Forest Cake: Required Ingredients

•    4/5 eggs
•    1 tbsp. corn flour
•    1 cup all-purpose flour
•    1 tsp baking powder
•    1 tsp butter
•    4 tbsp. hot water
•    1 tbsp. cocoa powder

Black Forest Cake: Cooking Instructions

1.    Break all eggs in a large bowl and beat them well until they become fluffy.
2.    Add sugar into the egg whites gradually while beating them.
3.    Mix all-propose flour, cocoa powder and baking powder and stir at least three times.
4.    Put the mixture into the beaten eggs and combine well with the help of a wood spoon.
5.    Mix the butter in 4 tbsp. hot water and add into the mixture.

For cocoa filling:

6.    Add one tbsp. cocoa butter and one tbsp. sugar, one-ounce butter in a sauce pan along with one cup water and cook until the mixture thickens.
7.    Cut the cherries in small pieces, add one tbsp. white vinegar and one tbsp. icing sugar and keep in refrigerator for some time.
8.    Take a pack of fresh cream, pour it in a bowl and beat well after adding half cup icing sugar.
9.    Add chopped cherries into the cream.
10.    Now spread the layer of cream mixture between three cake slices.
11.    Spread a layer of cocoa mixture over the top slice of cake and garnish with cream and cherries.