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Cake Ki Puding | Urdu Recipes

Cake Ki Puding | Urdu Recipes  – Cake Ki Puding is sweet delicious recipe. childern are very like this cake sweet recipe. His taste his method is very simple and try to in home with simple Cake Ki Puding | Urdu Recipes.

Cake Ki Puding | Urdu Recipes

Cake Ki Puding | Urdu Recipes
Cake Ki Puding | Urdu Recipes

Cake Ki Puding | English Recipes

Banana pudding is a delicious dessert, prepared by creating solid mass with various ingredients (such as blended bananas, milk, eggs, fruit essence, sugar and various dried nuts) and then baking it in boiling water. Sliced fresh bananas and whipped cream are used for topping.
Banana pudding recipe isn’t much difficult as it sounds. You can make this yummy dessert at home using easily available and budget friendly ingredients. Scroll down to find step-by-step guide for banana pudding…

Prep time: 20 min
Cook time: 40 min
Serves: 6

Banana Pudding Recipe: required Ingredients

•    3-4 bananas
•    1 liter fresh milk
•    2 green cardamoms
•    ½ cup crushed pistachios and almonds
•    4 eggs
•    250 g sugar
•    Few drops of fruit essence

Banana Pudding Recipe: Cooking Instructions

1.    Grind the bananas with little milk.
2.    Break all eggs in a bowl and separate their whites and yolks carefully. First beat egg whites and yolks separately and then beat once again after combining the two and adding essence.
3.    Add one liter of fresh milk in a saucepan and put it on stove for boiling. Add green cardamoms, sugar and crushed pistachios and almonds into the milk and cook until milk has been left half in quantity.
4.    Add bananas and well-beaten eggs in cooked milk and beat this mixture well.
5.    Transfer the prepared mixture in a pudding pan.
6.    Add sufficient amount of water in a large pan and place it on stove.
7.    Keep pudding pan into the water-pan and cover it tightly. Cover the water pan as well using a heavy lid. Let the pudding cook for half hour and then remove from heat.
8.    Transfer banana pudding in a serving dish and keep in refrigerator for some time.
9.    Serve delicious banana pudding with seasonal fruits.