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Biryani Recipe In Urdu

Biryani Recipe In Urdu –  Biryani Recipe is very taste able and spicy recipe. Look wise and color wise is very goodBiryani Recipe In Urdu . This recipe mostly use in wedding and night party time. you can also try in home with simple method Biryani Recipe In Urdu.

Biryani Recipe In Urdu
Biryani Recipe In UrduBiryani Recipe In English

Biryani is a hot and spice rice recipe from South Asian cuisine. This nutritional recipe is perfect main dish for all meal courses. Read this page to learn biryani recipe…

Biryani Recipe: Cooking Instructions

•    1 kg chicken
•    1 kg basmati rice
•    1 tsp garlic paste
•    1 tsp ginger paste
•    1 cup thinly chopped tomatoes
•    2 onions
•    ½ cup plain yogurt
•    Salt to taste
•    1 tsp red chili powder
•    1 tsp cumin seeds
•    1 tsp whole spice
•    2 tbsp. butter
•    Ground green spice
•    6 almonds
•    1 tbsp. poppy seeds
•    2 tbsp. kewra
•    2 star anise
•    1 tsp whole spice powder
•    2 tbsp. thinly chopped mentha piperita
•    2 thinly chopped green chilies
•    1 tbsp. thinly chopped fresh coriander leaves

Biryani Recipe: Cooking Instructions

1.    Clean and rinse the rice carefully and submerge in fresh water for half hour.
2.    Cut the onion in rings and fry in hot oil until it turns golden brown. Thereafter, transfer in a plate and keep aside.
3.    Add garlic, ginger and chicken into the same oil and cook for few minutes. Then, add tomatoes, whole spice and yogurt.
4.    Grind fresh coriander leaves, mentha piperita and green chilies to make green spice.
5.    Mix cashews, almonds, sesame seeds and poppy seeds and grind well. Transfer this cocktail in a plate and grind saffron, star anise, green cardamom and whole spice.
6.    Once chicken pieces become soft and tender, add all ground spices and nuts. Cook for five minutes and then remove from heat.
7.    Boil the rice until it has been cooked 3/4 and then remove from heat. Put the boiled rice in a colander to eliminate excess water.
8.    Grease the bottom of pan and spread an even layer of rice. Then add a layer of chicken spice.
9.    Next, cover the spice-layer with remaining rice.
10.    Add whole spice powder, kewra orange food color (mixed in little milk) and minced green spice; steam the rice for 7-8 minutes.
11.    Delicious biryani is ready, transfer in a dish and serve hot with pickle and yogurt raita.