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Biryani Making Urdu Recipes

Biryani Making Urdu Recipes. Hyderabadi chicken biryani in urdu recipes. See latest cooking styles of biryani. Beef biryani recipe in urdu | Biryani Making Urdu Recipes.

Biryani Making Urdu Recipes

Biryani Making Urdu Recipes-

Biryani Making English Recipes

Biryani is one of the most popular South Asian rice recipes. Hot, scrumptious and aromatic biryani is liked by everyone and can be served as a main dish on any special occasion or everyday meal. It goes well with yogurt raita and mango pickle.
I often use chicken meat to make biryani but you can use beef or mutton as well. Scroll down to discover simple yet delicious biryani recipe. I hope you will enjoy it…

Prep time: 15 min
Cook time: 1 hr.
Serves: 8

Biryani Recipe: Required Ingredients

•    1 chicken
•    750 g rice
•    250 g yogurt
•    1 tbsp. cumin seeds
•    2 black cardamoms
•    A pinch of zafraan (grind in milk)
•    1 tsp kewra essence
•    8 green cardamoms
•    6 black peppers
•    3 onions (thinly chopped)
•    6 cloves
•    1 tsp red chili powder
•    1 tbsp. garlic paste
•    1 piece of cinnamon
•    Salt to taste

Biryani Recipe: Cooking Instructions

1.    Clean and wash rice carefully and submerge in fresh water for half hour.
2.    Take cooking oil in a pan and heat it over medium flame.
3.    Add chopped onion and fry till it turn golden brown.
4.    Add chicken pieces and cook for 6-7 minutes, stirring occasionally.
5.    Add red chili powder, salt, ginger-garlic paste, yogurt and all spices, cook well.
6.    Add little water, cover the pan with its lid and let the chicken spice cook for some time.
7.    Remove the pan from heat when chicken pieces become tender and oil starts to float.
8.    Now boil the rice in salt and water till 3/4 done.
9.    Grease the bottom of pan and spread one layer of rice and second layer of chicken spice. Then add two more layers of rice and spice.
10.    Sprinkle a pinch of zafraan and steam for 7-8 minutes.
11.    Delicious chicken biryani is ready now, remove it from heat, sprinkle kewra essence and serve hot with pickle and yogurt raita.