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Beef Burger | Urdu Recipes

Beef Burger | Urdu Recipes – Beef Burger is very great Strong Dish and people love this healthy recipe. Mostly use on big occasion and night party. fans can you try in home with simple method Beef Burger | Urdu Recipe.

Beef Burger | Urdu Recipes

Beef Burger | Urdu Recipes
Beef Burger | Urdu Recipes

Beef Burger | English Recipes

Beef burger is of the most delicious and healthy snacks, prepared with undercut piece of beef, pitta bread, Wooster sauce, vinegar and other spices. You can enjoy this yummy snack with evening tea. I often make crunchy beef burger to keep in the lunch boxes of my kids. Scroll down to learn beef burger recipe…

Beef Burger Recipe: Required Ingredients

•    ½ kg piece of undercut meat
•    Salt to taste
•    3-4 garlic cloves
•    1 tsp roughly ground black pepper
•    2-3 tbsp. vinegar
•    2 tbsp. Wooster sauce
•    2 onions
•    Salad leaves (as needed)
•    3-4 pitta breads
•    ½ cup soft drink
•    Cooking oil (as needed)

Beef Burger Recipe: Cooking Instructions

1.    Clean the beef piece thoroughly, rinse under running water and let it dry completely. After that, cut the beef piece into thin, long slices.
2.    Grind the garlic cloves and combine it with black pepper powder, vinegar, Wooster sauce, and two tbsp. cooking oil.
3.    Marinate the beef slices in the prepared garlic paste mixture and keep in refrigerator for one to two hours.
4.    Cut onion in round rings and fry it.
5.    Place the grill pan on stove over medium flame and heat it for 8-10 minutes. Apply one tablespoon of cooking oil on the surface of grill pan.
6.    Put marinated beefsteak in grill pan and sprinkle few drops of soft drink over it. Usually a beefsteak takes 4-5 minutes to be ready. Prepare all beefsteaks in same way.
7.    Divide the pitta bread in two pieces by cutting it from center. Now place, salad leaf, fried onion rings and beefsteak on one piece and cover it with the second one.
8.    Delicious beef burger is ready.