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Achari Biryani | Urdu Recipes

Achari Bariani | Urdu Recipes РAchari bariani is good delicious taste and spicy recipe. This achari recipe is home recipe and mostly use in summer season.achari-bariani-urdu-recipes

Achari Biryani


  • Chicken 1 kg
  • Yougurt 1 Pao
  • Rice 1 kg
  • Lemon 2 piece
  • Onion
  • Medium size tomatoes
  • Green Chilli
  • Oil and Ghee 1.5 cup
  • Garlic 1tbls
  • Harra Dhania
  • Mint 2 tbls
  • Achari Biryani Masala 1 Packet.


Heat the oil or ghee in the pan and then enter the onion in the pan and fried util it golden brown. Then enter the chicken, Garlic Paste, and Ginger in remaining onion and then fried for 10 minutes. Then enter the water in the chicken and then enter the tomatoes in it and then enter the Achari ghost masla in it and then when the oil and ghee popped out from the surface then enter remaing ingredients with rics. and then enter the 12 glass water in the pan and then leave this for cook and then boiled the rice when you feel there is now just boiled the rice. Then dropped the Zarda Color on the rice and serve this biryani for yogurt and raita.