Chicken Tajine|Urdu Recipes

Chicken Tajine|Urdu Recipes,Chicken Tajine is a delicious African recipe prepared by cooking the Chicken Tajine|Urdu Recipes in a mud pot in unique cooking style. This healthy recipe comprises several advantageous nutrients like almonds, dates, nutmeg and chicken yakhni in addition chicken and mild spices. Scroll down to learn complete Chicken Tajine|Urdu Recipes… Chicken Tajine|Urdu Recipes Chicken […]

Dry Beef Chili Urdu Recipe

Dry Beef Chili Urdu Recipe i is a hot Chinese recipe that is full of flavorsome taste and aromatic fragrance. The appetizing beef dish goes well with pasta or boiled rice. To make Dry Beef Chili Urdu Recipe i, you will need beef undercut, raw papaya, capsicum, tomatoes and several other spices. Scroll down to […]

Mirch Mutton Masala Urdu Recipe

Mirch Mutton Masala Urdu Recipe Are you hunting a spicy mutton recipe for your Iftar dinner? If your answer is yes, then you are on exact page as here I have described an Mirch Mutton Masala Urdu Recipe that is full of flavorsome taste and beneficial nutrients. The recipe involves lamb meat, coconut milk, tamarind pulp […]

Zafarani Mutton Karahi Recipe

Zafarani Mutton Karahi is an exotic meat dish cooked in an exclusive style. This lip-smacking recipe has wonderful taste and can be easily tried at home. You can prepare the flavorsome zafarani mutton karahi as main dish on your lunch or dinner. Here we have provided an easy yet scrumptious zafarani mutton karahi Zafarani Mutton […]

Chicken Pulao Recipe In Urdu

Chicken Pulao Recipe In Urdu Chicken pulao is a hot favorite Pakistani and Indian food recipe that everyone likes to eat. Prepared by basmati rice, chicken pieces and mild spices, Chicken Pulao Recipe In Urdu is a perfect main dish for Eid parties and other celebrations. Chicken Pulao Recipe In Urdu Chicken Pulao Recipe In English […]

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